Parties, corporate meetings, christmas, public celebrations ...

Whatever your event, Brazilarte will help to enhance your attendees experience.  Are your promoting a new product or opening a new branch?  We have all of the skills to bring the Brazilian party and draw the crowds.


Music, multi cultural, art, community ...

We specialise in outdoor performances, from the unplugged Samba band, Capoeira and Maculele show spectacle to a live traditional Samba performance.  Audience participation, through workshops and dance alongs or professional band performance, Brazilarte will bring the Brazilian vibe.  Do you need more than one artist? Check out our AGENCY page for more artists to complete your Brazilian show.


lets work together ...

Do you have an idea for a project but don't know where to start?  Would you like to work with a new and vibrant organisation?  We have been organising events, festivals and projects for more than 15 years and would like to bring our energy and ideas to your table.  Brazilarte sees the future in collaborations to create rich and exciting projects.  We are always open to new ways to present out art and to enhance it with the work of others.  LET US KNOW HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO COLLABORATE.



We can work with you to make your event individual to your specific needs.  We are able to work inside and outside (weather permitting).  We can help you plan your cultural day to include a variety of activities or specialise in one.

Please make us aware of any special requests.