Workshops, Cultural Days & Events

We provide one off workshops, full day cultural days or a combination specific activities to your needs and aims.  We can work with you to present the following activities :


See a brief description of the activities below.  They are suitable for all ages and all abilities.  Brazilarte specialises in working with young and older people with challenging abilities.  Please contact us directly to see how we can help make your project special.


Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that blends together; movement, music and dance.  It presents a way to communicate through movement and encourages the participants to develop their body expression to converse with their partners.  It is a great form of exercise that also teaches, through the folkloric music, stories from Brazilian culture.  It works to build confidence, self esteem and respect for your community.  Capoeira promotes healthy choices through exercise and fun.


Using the rhythms of Brazil, from the big Samba Carnival drums, played using sticks, to the indigenous wooden skinned drums, played by hand, to work with simple complementing rhythms that build a complex beat when played together.  Music presents a way to communicate without words and encourages participants to work together to create a united beat.  We also work with recycled materials to show how to make your own instruments and that to play music need not be exclusive to those that can pay.  


We specialise in Brazilian Dance from the North East of Brazil, home to the majority of the cultural dances.  Dance opens a door to creativity through movement creating positive energy.  It can be high energy and calming through movements that match rhythms in music.  We encourage, through dance, that our participants find their way to move freely, independently and in groups to a choreographed sequence. Dances include; Samba, Frevo, Danca do Coco, Maculele and Caboclinho.


BJJ is a standing and floor work class, drilling techniques for all levels and including rolling (sparring) practice.  BJJ is a physical sport that teaches its students restrain and respect through effective techniques. BJJ is a brilliant way to engage and channel the energy of those that like to get physical and to encourage those that are not so confident to engage through movement and controlled physical contact.


Building on our experience of performing in many Carnivals in the UK and Brazil, we will work with you to create a project that ticks all the boxes for your curriculum.  From costume and mask making, playing the instruments, dance routines and performing whilst parading.  The importance of community that Carnival promotes through working in teams to achieve a single goal.  Carnival arts projects can be run over a day or a term. 


We will help you plan your cultural world day in your institution according to your requirements.  We can help you generate ideas of how to engage the participants to ensure that it inclusive, fun and educational.  We can also plan activities in our dedicated Brazilarte Academy if you would like to take students out of the school atmosphere.




We can work with you to make your event individual to your specific needs.  We are able to work inside and outside (weather permitting).  We can help you plan your cultural day to include a variety of activities or specialise in one.

Please make us aware of any special requests.

Our teachers have current DBS certificates and Public Liability Insurance which is available on request or presented at your institution on the day of your event.